Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
(J MOL CELL CARDIOL ) 《分子与细胞心脏病学杂志 》


Published 2013年6月,Volume 54,Issue 6


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A novel role for receptor activator of nuclear factor (NF)-κβ ligand (RANKL) in atorvastatin-mediated mobilization of endothelial progenitor cells

04 March 2013

Jin Endo, Motoaki Sano 148-150  
Vascular remodeling mediated by Angptl2 produced from perivascular adipose tissue

25 March 2013

Ippei Shimizu, Kenneth Walsh 176-178  
Protection from diabetic cardiomyopathy — Putative role of the retinoid receptor-mediated signaling

01 April 2013

Tienush Rassaf, Malte Kelm 179-180  
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NCLX: The mitochondrial sodium calcium exchanger

27 March 2013

Liron Boyman, George S.B. Williams, Daniel Khananshvili, Israel Sekler, et al. 205-213  
Original Articles
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FAT10 protects cardiac myocytes against apoptosis

15 February 2013

Xiaogang Peng, Jianghua Shao, Yang Shen, Yunguo Zhou, et al. 1-10  
The TRPM4 non-selective cation channel contributes to the mammalian atrial action potential

15 February 2013

Christophe Simard, Thomas Hof, Zakia Keddache, Pierre Launay, et al. 11-19  
Roles of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) and mitochondrial permeability transition pore (MPTP) in epoxyeicosatrienoic acid (EET)-induced cardioprotection against infarction in intact rat hearts

18 February 2013

Garrett J. Gross, Anna Hsu, Adam W. Pfeiffer, Kasem Nithipatikom 20-29  
Chronic ethanol consumption increases cardiomyocyte fatty acid uptake and decreases ventricular contractile function in C57BL/6J mice

18 February 2013

Chunguang Hu, Fengxia Ge, Eiichi Hyodo, Kotaro Arai, et al. 30-40  
Mitochondria-mediated cardioprotection by trimetazidine in rabbit heart failure

06 February 2013

Elena N. Dedkova, Lea K. Seidlmayer, Lothar A. Blatter 41-54  
Endogenous CGRP protects against neointimal hyperplasia following wire-induced vascular injury

18 February 2013

Lei Yang, Takayuki Sakurai, Akiko Kamiyoshi, Yuka Ichikawa-Shindo, et al. 55-66  
Selective heart rate reduction with ivabradine slows ischaemia-induced electrophysiological changes and reduces ischaemia–reperfusion-induced ventricular arrhythmias

11 February 2013

Fu Siong Ng, Iqbal T. Shadi, Nicholas S. Peters, Alexander R. Lyon 67-75  
Global metabolomic analysis of heart tissue in a hamster model for dilated cardiomyopathy

22 February 2013

Keiko Maekawa, Akiyoshi Hirayama, Yuko Iwata, Yoko Tajima, et al. 76-85  
Cimetidine-associated patent ductus arteriosus is mediated via a cytochrome P450 mechanism independent of H2 receptor antagonism

01 March 2013

Robert B. Cotton, Lisa P. Shah, Stanley D. Poole, Noah J. Ehinger,et al. 86-94  
Left ventricular mechanical and energetic changes in long-term isoproterenol-induced hypertrophied hearts of SERCA2a transgenic rats

04 March 2013

Shinichi Mitsuyama, Daisuke Takeshita, Koji Obata, Guo-Xing Zhang, et al. 95-106  
While systolic cardiomyocyte function is preserved, diastolic myocyte function and recovery from acidosis are impaired in CaMKIIδ-KO mice

07 March 2013

Stefan Neef, Can M. Sag, Maria Daut, Henrik Bäumer, et al. 107-116  
Expression of the sialyltransferase, ST3Gal4, impacts cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel activity, refractory period and ventricular conduction

07 March 2013

Andrew R. Ednie, Kofi-Kermit Horton, Jiashin Wu, Eric S. Bennett 117-127  
RalGDS-dependent cardiomyocyte autophagy is required for load-induced ventricular hypertrophy

07 March 2013

Oktay F. Rifki, Brian O. Bodemann, Pavan K. Battiprolu, Michael A. White,et al. 128-138  
p90RSKs mediate the activation of ribosomal RNA synthesis by the hypertrophic agonist phenylephrine in adult cardiomyocytes

18 March 2013

Ze Zhang, Rui Liu, Paul A. Townsend, Christopher G. Proud 139-147  
Diet-induced obesity causes long QT and reduces transcription of voltage-gated potassium channels

20 March 2013

Haiyan Huang, Vaibhav Amin, Michael Gurin, Elaine Wan, et al. 151-158  
Extracellular matrix of collagen modulates arrhythmogenic activity of pulmonary veins through p38 MAPK activation

25 March 2013

Yen-Yu Lu, Yao-Chang Chen, Yu-Hsun Kao, Shih-Ann Chen, et al. 159-166  
Impaired translocation and activation of mitochondrial Akt1 mitigated mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation Complex V activity in diabetic myocardium

13 March 2013

Jia-Ying Yang, Wu Deng, Yumay Chen, Weiwei Fan, et al. 167-175  
Numerical models based on a minimal set of sarcolemmal electrogenic proteins and an intracellular Ca2+ clock generate robust, flexible, and energy-efficient cardiac pacemaking

18 March 2013

Victor A. Maltsev, Edward G. Lakatta 181-195  
Spatial transcriptional profile of the chick and mouse endocardial cushions identify novel regulators of endocardial EMT in vitro

03 April 2013

Daniel M. DeLaughter, Danos C. Christodoulou, Jamille Y. Robinson, Christine E. Seidman, et al. 196-204



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